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We raise our puppies  on  a quality kibble and expect our buyers to feed quality food. All of our young dogs and adults are fed the all raw diet also known as BARF, Barf is a diet biologically appropriate raw diet. The diet is based on human grade whole foods including raw meat, bones and other healthy ingredients such as fruit and vegetables. Its about feeding pets responsibly and reducing allergies and your vet bills.
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We have puppies!

updated on Dec 16th

We are Thrilled and Over joyed to announce the birth of Huscha and Odin puppies!
They will be ready for their forever homes on Dec 25th 2014
We have been so busy by the over whelming response to this litter, I simply had no time to post them until now.
We have one boy and one girl left .
I can't stop staring at them....they are all so fantastically, well fantastic! I can barley handle it!
The old saying the apple doesn't fall far from the tree rings true to this litter. Each one of these puppies have heavy thick bone, nice small triangle ears, non angulated meaning "straight backs" wide short muzzles for kissing and perfect thick, wide tails for wagging. In this litter we will see dogs that are the same caliber and "type" of Rin Tin Tin, Lassie, Odin and Huscha all rolled into perfect strong, gorgeous bodies. Hang on I have to go kiss one.:}
I waited 3 long years for the breeder in Germany to produce Huscha this girl of "Type" the same "type" I speak of above. It was a pretty long list.....After all, she had big shoes to fill. My daughter dreamed of having a dog like my girl Tonja whom I talk about on our home page, I believe I have found her. Great now Im crying. Any ways... I know you will find that same dog of "type" in this litter. Besides all of that, there is no better Christmas present! And no wrapping required, even better! A gift of Love, loyalty and companionship.


Huscha                                        Odin


Odis                                         Pricilla

If you want one of our puppies then please get your deposit in. You can use the pay pal link on our puppy page. This will hold your place. If for some reason after speaking to your references, we feel a Highland Hill Puppy is not right for your home. Your non refundable deposit will be returned immediately.

We have a litter of Shiloh's! Check back later this week for the announcement of Rhea and Odin litter. Puppies were born on Nov. 21st 2014 and ready for your home January 16th 2015 :}




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