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Puppies All-Natural Diet

We raise our puppies  on  a quality kibble and expect our buyers to feed quality food. All of our young dogs and adults are fed the all raw diet also known as BARF, Barf is a diet biologically appropriate raw diet. The diet is based on human grade whole foods including raw meat, bones and other healthy ingredients such as fruit and vegetables. Its about feeding pets responsibly and reducing allergies and your vet bills.
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   Orla in waiting~Imported German Shepherd of "TYPE"

Orla is an amazing girl, and we are overjoyed that our son has agreed to let us breed her this one time.
After all.... it will take her away from our grandsons bed room at night for a bit. The first day I laid my eyes on Orla she reminded me so much of my girl Tonja. Who I speak about on my home page. There was no turning back when I seen her!
Orla is everything we desire to accomplish in a breeding at Highland Hill's Shepherds. She fits in perfectly with our pack, young, old, two legs or four. This German Shepherd is sweet, loyal, incredibly intelligent and is so gentle. She defiantly has heart!

Orla has passed all her health testing including her hips, heart, lungs's and eyes. She is in perfect health. By day Orla is on duty being ever so watchful when things are not quit right responding appropriately the way a great German Shepherd from Highland Hill's would do..She truly loves to be helpful. By night she is our 3 year old grandsons personal body guard, such a perfect protector! What else is better then that? Well, maybe one of her pups next to your bed :}

For this breeding we decided to do a artificial insemination at our veterinarian's office with Axel and Odin, as I was the one with the migraine and we did not want to miss this opportunity. I think I was just to excited! If you are interested in one of these pups, please get your puppy application completed.

If you are like me and can't wait to see if you are approved for one of our pups, fell free to use Paypal for your deposit. It is located here on the puppy page. Deposits are taken in the order they are received for a pick puppy. If we find a Highland Hill shepherd is not right for your family your non refundable deposit will be returned immediately. Warning, once you have a Highland Hill puppy, you will always need more.:]



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