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Puppies All-Natural Diet

We raise our puppies  on  a quality kibble and expect our buyers to feed quality food. All of our young dogs and adults are fed the all raw diet also known as BARF, Barf is a diet biologically appropriate raw diet. The diet is based on human grade whole foods including raw meat, bones and other healthy ingredients such as fruit and vegetables. Its about feeding pets responsibly and reducing allergies and your vet bills.
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Ansel girlie gives birth on June 22nd 2014

These gorgeous boys and girls will be ready for their forever homes August 17th 2014.

We have waited what seems to be a life time for Ansel girlie to decide to be a mama, so we were careful to take her to an experienced older gentlemen. Odin never disappoints and that breeding went really well, so we decided that we would also do a dual sired breeding with our very own Snoop Dogg.

Snoop is a young man, son of Odin and a chip off the old block for sure. Fabulous deep dark pigment's in rich red's and black's.  Shake that all together with Ansel girlie and bam! we expect these puppies to be nothing but complete perfection, between harmony, balance and beauty.

Odin and Snoop are both ambassadors for the Shiloh breed, and are dual registered Shepherd and Shiloh which is incredible. That speaks volume's of their ability to easily get along in all social situations winning over the hearts of the trust worthy.

Ansil girlie is a registered German Shepherd dog of the same "type" we breed for here at Highland Hills.I waited a long time to get her, and drooled over her parents for many a night on line with my old friend. Ansil is oversized, non angulated, a trusted best friend to my human 2 year old grandson, whom I trust completely as a certified professional baby sitter! Like most women you can't keep a good one down, so she is also a working farm dog here at Highland Hills farm. She loves it!

If this sounds like a litter for you, please don't hesitate we have started taking deposits on this litter.  Deposits are taken in the order in which they are received. If after speaking to your references and we think a Highland Hill Shepherd is not right for you, then your deposit will be immediately refunded in full.

If we do not have a puppy available your deposit will be moved to a upcoming litter your interested in. Sit back, relax and enjoy. You have come to the right place.



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